The Week of the Young Child at PSA

In our Reggio-inspired environment, we place a great deal of importance on the image of children as capable, knowledgeable, and resilient. It is important for our conversations and interactions with children to reflect these values. It is equally important for children to foster these beliefs within themselves and find strength in their own capabilities.

This week, to honor the Week of the Young Child, we asked the children to think about their individual skills and strengths and the important ways that they contribute to their community.  They created postcards that were delivered to our legislatures.

Artboard 4-100
In this picture, I am reading a book
Artboard 3-100
In this picture, I am drawing myself.
Artboard 1-100
In this picture, I am observing flowers.
Artboard 2-100
In this picture, I am writing a number and writing animals.
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