Compression Self Portraits

From the Toyko Compression series by Michael Wolf
Preschool of the Arts Compression

We continue our investigation of beginning self-portraits with the Snowflake children. The children were shown a sampling of photographer Michael Wolf’s images of subway riders with their faces pressed up against the windows called ‘Tokyo Compression’. After examining some of Wolf’s portraits, the children created their own version of ‘Compression’ portraits with a plexiglass easel. We continued to explore the plexiglass easel by having the children draw the facial features of their partner as they stood behind the transparent piece of plexiglass. This became the perfect vehicle to see, isolate and draw their partner’s face. After drawing with a dry erase marker, the children asked their partner what color marker paints they wanted for their eyes, nose, lips, hair etc. This exercise cultivated an interactive dialogue and kept the children building a connection with each other as they conversed and drew. The entire process was engaging and immediate. The art specialist recorded the process with the camera and once the portrait was finished, we ‘erased’ the portrait.

Reflection by Lizzie Primozic, Art Specialist

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