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At Preschool of the Arts, we believe passionately that learning should be an adventure. A child’s experience is bounded only by his or her imagination and dreams.  Our mission is to offer a vibrant and innovative learning community committed to child-focused exploration, creativity and collaboration.  We are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education, which encourages young children and their teachers to explore, question, and discover in a beautiful and inspiring environment. Children express interests and ideas, research through hands-on investigation, reflect on the experience and form conclusions. Through this process, children develop confidence and independence in the learning process with encouragement from parents, teachers and community members.

As a Reggio-inspired school, we offer an educational experience like no other for many children in our community, including:

  • a custom-made curriculum that respects the interests and ideas of the children
  • arts as an avenue for developing understanding and expression in a variety of ways
  • a safe, beautiful and inspiring environment that represents the voices of children, teachers and families
  • teachers who have experience and expertise in the area of early childhood education and the Reggio philosophy

Research has shown repeatedly that high quality experiences in early childhood education have a long and lasting impact on children, including higher graduation rates, fewer school dropouts, less need for special education and less crime.  Moreover, a child’s earliest experience in school sets the tone for a lifetime of learning and approach to education.  At PSA, we foster not only the skills and knowledge that children need to succeed in life, but we instill the dispositions to be an effective lifelong learner – dispositions to be independent, to be creative, to be resilient and to be self-motivated.  These are the dispositions for the making of our future leaders.  It all happens here at Preschool of the Arts.

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