Current Families

“Joshua has transitioned to PSA with ease. He loves his teachers, looks forward to the day’s adventures, loves seeing his friends. Can we keep him here through college?”  – Andrea, PSA parent

We are so glad to have you as a part of our community.  We invite you to partner with us in the journey of learning; we believe that every voice and perspective adds a richness to our children’s experience and community.

We offer a variety of program options designed to meet your family’s needs.  Options include full or half-day schedules, as well as 3 or 5-day schedules.  The make-up of the classrooms include a mixed or same-age setting, including Spanish language classroom.  All of our classrooms loop together for a minimum of 2 years, except at the 4 year-old level.   All programs include art, music, and outdoor education in beautiful spaces designated for these purposes.  We also offer after-school and summer programs for school-aged children.

A typical day at PSA is a sensory-filled learning adventure.  It includes plenty of outdoor time on our beautiful outdoor space and healthy snacks prepared by our own Chef Tom.  Children enjoy alternating between free play in our inspiring classrooms and working on carefully designed projects based on the children’s emerging topics of interest.  Art and music specialists enhance each classroom’s interests so that children can explore subjects using different mediums.  Children who choose the full-day option rest in the afternoon.  Programs are often enhanced by special guests and field trips. Parents receive regular emails that summarize the events of the day – it is a wonderful way to get a glimpse into the daily life of your child while at school.

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“We are continually impressed by the teachers’…adaptability and flexibility. The class truly is child directed. Simon has grown so much in confidence and communication skills in a short time, due to their attention.”  – Evy and Paul, PSA parents