Our Classrooms

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“We value space because of its power to organize…and it’s potential for sparking all kinds of social, affective and cognitive learning.” ~Loris Malaguzzi

In a Reggio Emilia inspired school, the environment is considered the “third teacher.” With that in mind, our teachers carefully plan and constantly refine the classroom environment to enhance learning. Our classrooms are alive and aesthetically pleasing–filled with natural materials, soft lighting, children’s work, music, family photos, plants, books and pets. The unique needs and interests of each room’s inhabitants–children, families and teachers–are reflected, and respected, in the space. Our environment enables relationships to develop which inspire creativity and foster learning.

We have structured our classroom progressions in a looping model to create an atmosphere of consistency, community and continual growth over time.  Given your child’s age and when they enter preschool, your child will progress with the same group of students and teachers for at least two years, except in the 4-year-old classrooms.  Our goal is to provide all children, families and teachers with a developmentally appropriate and cohesive experience.

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