COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 outbreak is a global challenge on an unprecedented scale, but Preschool of the Arts remains committed to offer a vibrant, innovative and supportive learning community committed to child-focused exploration and creativity. We aim to meet the significant impacts this crisis has on our children with love, compassion and understanding. We believe children are capable. We value play as both means of developmentally appropriate learning and processing the world. We will continue to structure our curriculum around these constructs, while incorporating ongoing best health practices regarding COVID-19.

Keeping our families healthy has never been more important than it is today. Our worlds changed drastically in March of 2020, and we continue to battle COVID-19 on every front. Despite our desire to stay at home and isolate, many of us have had to make the difficult decision to regain our lives as much as possible. We need to return to work or work from home without distraction, and with this decision has come the need for our children to return to preschool.

Preschool of the Arts understands the conflict between needing to get back to work and wanting to keep your family safe. We take your concerns seriously, and we want to provide a healthy environment as well as an environment that nurtures, inspires, and allows your child to flourish.

Taking that first step to return to preschool can be daunting, but at Preschool of the Arts, we are with you from our “safety first” drop off to our cleaned and disinfected classroom pods. We take your trust in us seriously, and because of that, we have added several health features to our environment.

First, we added a new bipolar ionization system to our existing heating and cooling system. Needlepoint bipolar ionization is a technology that reduces airborne particles and kills airborne pathogens such as viruses, mold spores and bacteria. The units are built into our HVAC system, so each classroom and group bathroom in our building has been upgraded.

Second, we purchased an electrostatic sprayer machine.   The Clorox 360 charges disinfecting solutions to reach surfaces outside the line of sight, covering what conventional cleaning may miss, including the sides, underside and backside of surfaces.  The sprayer also allows us to use an antimicrobial product on surfaces that can’t be disinfected, such as playground equipment and rugs. 

Lastly, we hired an auxiliary staff person to continually keep our teachers stocked in microfiber cleaning cloths, wipe down high touch surfaces, such as light switches and door knobs, and sanitize toys and other classroom materials. This valuable person allows the teachers and staff to feel confident that all areas of the school are clean. 

Perhaps the most important thing about life at PSA during COVID is our community of creative, joyous learners. Each classroom is currently its own entity, operating without crossing paths with other classrooms in the school. While this is not how PSA normally operates, we know that a classroom in isolation from other classrooms is a safer practice. In addition, the children understand the importance of mask wearing, and children and teachers at PSA wear masks indoors and outside when social distancing is not possible. Children and staff are required to do a daily health screen, and we have guidelines for when children need to stay home from school. We will continue to fine tune and adapt our policies as information unfolds and in response to new information from the CDC and Dane County Public Health Department. The children continue to enjoy art, music, stories, free play, projects, and plenty of outdoor time, and their laughter can be heard throughout the school. This, above all else, is what’s important—the children are thriving and growing in their relationships with one another and their teachers.  As we know, social-emotional learning is crucial for preschool children, and together, even in smaller groups, is better than being apart!

We would love to have you join us! Give Mollie a call at 608-233-1707 or email her at mstetzer@preschoolofthearts.com today!

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