Painting with Snow

In the Sunshine Room, the frigid icy weather last week got us thinking…How can we find new ways to enjoy this winter season? Following the children’s interests, we have been investigating thermometers and the Arctic Animals that live in the cold all year. But we wonder… how can we enjoy the cold winter just as much as the animals? We thought rather than dreading the snow, we should find ways take advantage of it.

We can use snow for playing, but also for art!

First, we brought snow into the classroom to explore with our paints. Some children even used the snow to paint onto a canvas. When the snow ran out we filled the ice cube trays up with paint to freeze them into colorful ice!

Next, we tried bringing the paint to the snow. It was exciting to see art materials outside! The children were very curious about the bright colors in the white snow. They were invited to utilize the snow while they painted. It was so unique to explore this natural material for a new artistic purpose.

While working outside with the snow, the process was very fluid and collaborative. Some children added paint, others added snow, and then watched the layers overlap and change as the snow melted. It was spectacular!

One of the joys of working with children is noticing where they take the ideas – they worked with snow and paint in ways we never expected! Most everyone wanted to add paint to the white snow, make colorful snowballs, or scoop up the colorful snow to use for something new (like a cake!)

It can be a challenge to find the joy in winter. With the frigid cold, the grey sky and the absence of life’s colors, winter can feel like it just drags on but the wonder of childhood is always finding new joy in every new moment. We plan to continue exploring winter art and ways we can build on it.

Reflection by Emma Kane and Jessica Kardas, Sunshine Room Co-Teachers

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