50 Years of PSA!

Preschool of the Arts was founded in 1971, which makes 2021 our 50th Anniversary! And what a 50th year it’s been. Through all the uncertainty and stress of the pandemic, PSA has continued to support the children and families in our care. We all could use something to celebrate!

The week before our big birthday party, we held a spirit week! Each day, we dressed in different colors:

Monday: Red and Orange

Tuesday: Yellow and Green

Wednesday: Blue and Purple

Thursday: All of the colors!

Each classroom was invited to decorate their door in honor of our school’s 50th birthday. Our special guest judge, Phil the Party Bird stopped by each classroom to view and rank the doors. The winning classrooms earned some special swag to wear at our big birthday party!

Congratulations to the Snowflake Room who won golden sunglasses to wear to our big birthday party!

Snowflake Room wins!

In anticipation of our big birthday party, we designed and voted on a design for our 50th Anniversary T-Shirts. All of the children and staff wore our special shirts to the big party.

In the morning of our big birthday party, families were invited to decorate their cars during morning drop off. Outside the school, we had a special photo booth set up, and at the children’s request, we also had a red carpet leading to the front door for drop off.

Despite a little bit of rain, we all gathered outside for a big birthday party! We utilized our whole parking lot so we could keep safe social distance from other classrooms, but we could see, hear and wave at friends in other classrooms. We had chalk, bubbles, dancing, and best of all – ice cream!

Not only did we have a big party – we also had a premier! For the very first time, we read aloud our new PSA Book – 50 Years and Counting! To create this book, we asked all the children to share ideas of what makes PSA special. Some classrooms created special artwork as well.

We also sang our brand new school song together, which we created to mark this anniversary! The recorded version features children from our school singing different parts and playing instruments!

After an unprecedented year, we are thankful to have been able to experience school-wide events that were engaging, meaningful and found ways to keep our community connected even though we were physically apart. Thank you to the amazing teachers who rode this wave with us!

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