The Secret Gallery

This summer, the Purple Room children have been all about art! Each week, they focus on a different artist to study and the teachers create provocations inspired by that artist.

With all this talk about artists and being an artist, the children have begun to call themselves artists – rightly so! The class discussed what it means to be an artist. One of the teachers talked about her experience going to art school. A student asked – why did you go to school for something you could already do? The teacher talked about wanting to be a better artist, and wanting to explore art beyond what she could learn by herself from books and experimentation. They talked about how artists have discussions about their work, and how they look at each other’s art work in studios and galleries.

Up in the loft, some of the girls started their own secret gallery. The teachers knew something was up when they heard giggling and whispering as they started sneaking art supplies up into the loft. The children even asked the teachers to agree not to loft gallery space until they had finished creating their exhibition.

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