Slide Construction at PSA

Easily the most exciting thing to happen on the playground this fall was the installation of the slide.  The children were able to watch the work happen from behind the safety fence.   They asked each worker their name, and wanted to watch as frequently as possible.  Sometimes children would just sit in the chairs while nothing was going on in anticipation of the workers!  The children felt free to ask the workers questions to better understand the process.  And the workers were happy to help!10-19-2016 035.JPG


Engagement with the Workers
The children were very involved in talking with the workers and their boss about the project.  All of their questions were answered.  One student even drew a special picture of the workers to give them.

Matt (worker): Wow!  Am I this strong one?
Student: Yes!
Matt: Can I take this home?
Student: Yes you can. I made it for you!
Matt: I will put it in my special folder.slide1slide-2

Student: We are watching Ben because we wanna  see the construction.  His name is Ben.  Ben rides the digger a lot, and he also he carry blocks and drives the bobcat and picks up a load with the bobcat and make the rock wall with the digger.



As one student was watching, he was looking closely at the machines. He then moved two chairs and set them up to be an excavator. He looked back at the machine, and then adjusted his chairs.

The Grand Opening of the Slide

Each classroom took a turn talking about the new slide and surrounding areas.  Kristin, the Environment and Facilities Manager, talked with the children about their ideas and thoughts for using the slide.

Here is a list of the ideas that the children came up with:

One at a time.
Stay in your spot in line.
Go up the rocks or stairs, and down the slide.
Wait your turn.
Keep your hands to yourself.

slide7 slide8


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