Parent-Teacher Conferences (Oct. 24)

At Preschool of the Arts, we believe that relationship building is one of the most important parts of our jobs as early childhood educators. One of the pillars of the Reggio Emilia Philosophy indicates that parents and teachers are co-responsible partners in a child’s education. When we as parents and teachers take time to sit down and listen, ask questions, and share information, we all act in the best interest of the child.

Many parents wonder about the importance of toddler, preschool or kindergarten conferences.  “My child is so little; do I really need to do this?” A parent -teacher conference is an excellent, focused opportunity for you as parents to check in on your child’s growth, ask questions about your child’s interests, and learning patterns. You, the parent, are the expert regarding your child and you will be able to share many valuable insights regarding their development. At our fall conferences, teachers will provide a snapshot into your child’s learning, as well as listen and respond to concerns or questions you may have.  We will discuss goals for your child for our year together.

Conferences are an opportunity to build connections with families and teachers so that we can partner to provide a powerful and meaningful educational journey for your child here at Preschool of the Arts.

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