Snack Calendar

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Snack Calendar for the week of Monday, August 1 to 5

Mondaychex cereal, apples
pretzels, cheese, carrots
plantain chips, cranberries
Tuesdaybanana yogurt, vanilla wafers, peaches
applesauce cinnamon puffs
cheddar cauliflower crackers
 Wednesdaycinnamon swirl bread, assorted spreads, bananas
cheddar cauliflower stalks, cucumbers, ranch
banana chips
Thursdaytortilla chips, cheese dip, tomatoes, olives
churro chips, nectarines, whipped cream cheese
guava crackers
Fridaybrioche baguettes, honey goat cheese, pears
tortilla chips, salsa, string cheese

Milk and water are served with all snacks. More information about snack allergens.

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