Snack Calendar

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Snack Calendar for the week of Monday, October 26 to Friday, October 30

Mondayspinach, ranch or honey mustard dressing, pears, pizza bunnies
bread, jam
Tuesdaykale salad, poppyseed dressing, crackers
grapes, crackers
parmesan crackers
 Wednesdayspinach tortilla wrap, queso fresco, apples
crunchy rice crackers, cheese
sweet potato chips
Thursdayapplesauce, graham crackers, honey goat cheese
spinach crackers, asiago cheese
cereal bar
Fridaymini cheese cubes, crispy chickpeas
peach smoothies with Halloween sprinkles
fruit tape, graham crackers

Milk and water are served with all snacks. More information about snack allergens.

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