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Our art and music studios are places of inspiration, imagination and pure joy.  Children come in small groups to the studios to explore topics of classroom study through various medium.  Our art and music specialists meet regularly with the classroom teachers to share and discuss ideas to support children’s interests.  It is truly a wonder to see an idea expressed in 100 languages.

Click here for three sample sounds of our music class:

Night Music with Scared and Dancing Shadows

Happy Sad other Emotions in Music

Add In, Drop Out Ensemble

Here’s are some samples of documentation from the Art Studio:


Experiences with Light and Color

colors overlayThe children have been working on identifying and understanding color in the Yellow Room.  In response to this exploration and my recent museum trip to experience a James Turrell Color and Light exhibit, we decided to simply explore color and light on the light table.  The Light Table was set up with various sheets of colorful cellophane with some overlay of color.  On top of the colorful transparencies, I selected only transparent items of color to inspire color play and potential layering of color.  By simplifying the children’s experience of colors, it was an invitation to begin to understand singular colors and what happens when two or more colors are overlaid.  A beautiful discovery of color ensued!   Some of the children began holding a particular cellophane color in front of their eyes to transform their world of seeing.                      

Blue!  Green, yeah!  Green.  What color?  Yellow.  What are you cooking?  -Raj           

Blue.  Blue sky.  Blue sky.  Purple.  Purple sky!  -Zaracolor hands

Pink.  I did the yellow one.  This is pretty, see!  I’m making cookies.  I’m making purple cookies.  I see red.  I see the sky!  I see polka dots too.  I have polka dots on my shirt!  It’s a yellow sky.  It’s a red sky.  I see a  blue sky!  I see a pink sky.  I love a pink sky!  I see a purple sky.  A green sky.  I see a yellow sky.  I see a yellow sky.  I see a purple sky.  I see blue, too!  -Aashna 

Happy Birthday!  Green.  That’s pink!  We have yellow, green, pink.  The birthday bowl.  A flower.  My birthday cake.  Hiding.  The pink.  Pink, orange, yellow.  Those are black.  Blue and red.  Purple.  My birthday hat.  Green.  My birthday.  My birthday cake.  Green!  Happy Birthday, Lizzie!  Happy Birthday, Eleanor!  Pink cake.  Happy Birthday, Blake.  Happy Birthday, dear Jo Jo!  -Jo Jo

Clock.  Yellow.  Soup.  Me have blue!  Butterfly, yellow.  Purple.  Orange.  Me making something.  Blue soup.  Hot, hot!  Open now.  Yellow shirt too!  Me clean up.  -Blake

color tableOrange!  I want the cake.  Blue, um pink.  I want a birthday bowl.  A flower.  That’s a birthday cake!  Green.  Birthday hat.  A little chicken is yellow on my shirt.  Red, um green.  My birthday cake blue, ah red!  I, two!  Yeah, your birthday cake!  Happy Birthday to you!  Magenta! -Eleanor

Blue!  Pink.  Blue.  Ga, ga green.  Put it on your nose!  -Ellie 

I’m gonna play with blue!  Yellow.  Color.  Orange.  Look at it!  -Aine

Blue.  I see me! (in the mirror on ceiling)  See that!  A tower!  Me, blue tower!  Purple.  Me have purple.  What’s me doing?  It’s flying.  -Aureilia


Wood Creatures~   The Purple Room

It was a fun day today in the art studio!  The children constructed creatures out of wood scraps inspired by alebrijes.  The first step was to find a piece of wood for the body of their creature and then they looked for legs, heads, and eyes and so on.  They looked at plastic toy animals for ideas while they were working.  Next week they will paint their imaginary creatures. ~Ms. Danya

wooden alebrijes 042
Nolan adds wings to his creature.
Michael’s creature inspired by a roach and a zebra.
Michael’s creature inspired by a roach and a zebra.
Elliott contemplates about what kind of ears he should put on his creature.
Elliott contemplates about what kind of ears he should put on his creature.
Violet’s creature inspired by a shark and a butterfly.
Violet’s creature inspired by a shark and a butterfly.
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