Faculty and Staff

Our teachers are researchers, observers and co-constructors of knowledge.  While investigations emerge from children’s interests and ideas, teachers create meaningful learning experiences in negotiation with the children.  Our teachers are documenters, capturing the stories of children’s experiences and the progression of their developing understandings.  Our teachers are collaborators, supporting social relationships which include children, educators, families and the community.  Our teachers are life-long learners, committed to reflection on their practice and to ongoing professional development.

We are proud to have a passionate and dedicated team of faculty and staff with whom we can embark on the journey of learning.

2021-22 Teaching Staff

Blue RoomAnja Mueller
Blue RoomKatie Barclay
Blue RoomTim Roberts
Cloud RoomAmy Vetterli
Cloud RoomMallory Williams
Copper RoomMickey Willis
Copper RoomEliza Tyksinski
Copper RoomSoham Wilkerson
Copper RoomRasha DeIuliis
Gold RoomJessica Kardas
Gold RoomB Karn
Gold RoomTaj Janssen
Green RoomElizabeth Klak
Green RoomMegan Tripp
Green RoomMadeline Maldonado
Maple RoomKaylin Retzlaff
Maple RoomMiranda Pluff
Maple RoomAbby DeLong
Oak RoomAlice Sullivan
Oak RoomEmma Sams
Oak RoomAlicia Wickhem
Orange RoomVickie Crooks
Orange RoomSherrill Buehler
Orange RoomCasey Day
Purple RoomCat Garton
Purple RoomMadalin Berube
Purple RoomTresi Smyth
Rainbow RoomNati Israeli
Rainbow RoomSierdje den Daas
Rainbow RoomLauren Kelly
Silver RoomSusan Missett-King
Silver RoomZoe Wolfe
Silver RoomTiffany Roberson
Snowflake RoomPam Staley-Ace
Snowflake RoomHannah Button-Harrison
Snowflake RoomLinda Gaumnitz
Sunshine RoomKim Koleno Pelzel
Sunshine RoomEmma Kane
Sunshine RoomKelsey Huisman
Yellow RoomCelia Rusch
Yellow RoomSam Burbol
Yellow RoomAdam Wisniewski
FloatDon Sawabini
FloatCaeli Houden


Art SpecialistJohanna KaLhoun
Art SpecialistKelly Blondin
Music SpecialistAmanda Lautenbach
Music SpecialistNina Soto

Administrative and Support Staff

Executive DirectorDr. Penny Robbins
Assistant DirectorAbby Malesytcki
Admissions and Outreach CoordinatorMollie Stetzer
Environment and Facilities ManagerRoss Ziobro
Behavior Support SpecialistMonica Lyons
PedagogistaMickey Willis
PedagogistaMallory Williams
Kitchen ManagerTiffany Roberson
Auxiliary Building SupportSam Dess

Special thanks to Catherine Hilcove Photography for our staff portraits!

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